Get Direct Admissions in top colleges in Delhi NCR

Get direct admission in top colleges in Delhi NCR for Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, Business, Computer, Law and many more courses.

Medical Admission

Let's make you a doctor, we will help you in doing BDS, MBBS, MHA from India and abroad

Medical is the most reputed and most sought after field in our country. Every 2nd student want to opt for medical in 11th and 12th class. When one thinks about medical courses, MBBS always the first course that comes on mind. But apart from MBBS there are several other courses that can be done in the medical field like BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BPT etc.

  • MBBS | BDS Admission in India.
  • MBBS | BDS from abroad.
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Engineering Admission

Direct admission in B.E | B.Tech | M.Tech | Diploma in Engineering

Admissions Guru offers the admission in 3 courses for engineering - Diploma in Engineering, B.E. or B.Tech and M.Tech. Diploma course is most approached course as it can be done after 10th class. B.E./B.Tech is the most demanded undergraduate engineering course that can be done after completion of 12th with science stream.

  • Information Technology or Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Pharmacy Admissions

Be a pharmacist we will help you in getting direct admission in relevant courses

Pharmacy is that branch of science that involves studying the preparation, doses, dispensing and effects of medicines. A pharmacist knows more about medicine than a doctor. This profession offers many benefits and opportunities which include working in a hospital, home health care. Courses offered:

  • Diploma in Pharmacy | D.Pharma
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy | B.Pharma
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Admission in Nursing Courses

Join the most demanding course and make your career as Nurse.

Nursing is a very noble profession, which is in great demand in India just like MBBS, not only in India but also abroad. After completion of nursing course the work scope is very wide all over the world. The courses offered:

  • ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery)
  • GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)
  • B.Sc Nursing
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Admission in Business Management Courses

If you aim to run a business then you must learn the tac - tics of managing it by doing business management courses

Business Management courses help students in learning the business objectives, various ways of achieving them, how to manage all business areas, make them familiar with all the terms relating to business world. There are several Business Management courses, students can choose from like:

  • BBA | Bachelor of Business Administration
  • MBA | Masters of Business Administration
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Admission in Teaching Courses

Want to be a Teacher? Get direct admission in Teaching courses without any entrance exam

Teaching is one of the most favourite career option for females in India and in abroad too. Due to the short working hours and less number of working days in a year and off-course high pay scales makes it top in the high demand career segment. There are a number of courses offered with direct admission guarantee by Admissions Guru. They are:

  • D.Ed | JBT | Diploma in Elementary Education
  • B.Ed | Bachelor of Education
  • M.Ed | Master of Education
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Admission in Computer Application Courses

If you want to work in the IT sector or be a programmer or software developer, we can help you to get admission in your chosen program

Computer application is often misinterpret as computer science, but the two are not the same. Computer science is a general course which deals with how a computer works i.e understanding of software and hardware whereas Computer application is a technical course which...

  • BCA | Bachelor of Computer Application
  • MCA | Masters of Computer Application
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Admission in Law Courses

If becoming a lawyer is your passion, then we will definitely help you for that. Get direct admission in law courses

Law is the most intellectually challenging course. A student learn not only about different rules and regulation but also learn about society and human behavior. Also there are various fields in law from which a student can choose to practise.

Admission in Hotel Management Courses

Learn the ins & outs of how to run/manage a hospitality business. Get admission in Hospitality Management course

Hotel Management or Hospitality Management is a very reputable and known course. As Indian economy and market is increasing it leads to increase in Hospitality market as well which makes it a promising industry. The courses offered are:

  • BHM | Bachelor of Hotel Management
  • MHM | Masters of Hotel Management
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